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UCCM Board of Directors

United Christian Campus Ministry

UCCM Student Leadership

United Christian Campus Ministry

Board of Directors Members

Board Members

Reverend Jonathan C. Augustine 

Reverend Emma Harper 

Lynwood Donnell Best 

Elaine C. Hyman, Secretary 

Natalie Edwards, Treasurer 

Naomi T. Jackson 

Timothy J. Faison 

Jamal Livan 

Dorothy Filmore 

TaQuan Lynch 

Jonathan Gattis, Jr. 

William T. Mayfield 

Board Members

Leigh McNair

Freeman Walker 

Jacques A Moody

Linda Watters 

Rosa J. Nolen 

Lascel Webley, Chair

Reverend Dr. Michael D. Page,
Campus Ministry Advisor

Louise W. Weeks

Dr. Gwendolyn D. Price, Vice Chair 

Reverend Eddie R. White, III

Theodora Speight-Manley 

Sharon D. Woods, Assistant Secretary 

UCCM Participating Congregations

Partnering Churches

St Jospeh African Methodist Episcopal Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Full Gospel of Christ Ministries Church

Watts Chapel Baptist Church

Orange Grove Baptist Church

New Light Baptist Church

New Jerusalem Baptist Cathedral

First Calvary Baptist Church

Community Baptist Church

New St. James Baptist Church

Antioch Baptist Church

Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church

Burnett Chapel Christian Church

North East Baptist Church

Peace Missionary Baptist Church

North East Baptist Church

Immanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church

Kyles Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Beacon Light Baptist Church

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