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Our History

From Whence We Came

The United Christian Campus Ministry was founded in 1962 as a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a united Christian ministry to the academic community at North Carolina Central University (NCCU). The antecedents of the University’s mission to provide religious guidance for its faculty and students began with NCCU’s founder, Dr. James E. Shepard.     In 1962, several judicatories decided to establish the United Christian Campus Ministries at universities and colleges throughout the State of North Carolina. They include the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, United Methodist Church, Episcopal Diocese of Raleigh, Presbyterian Church – USA, Diocese of Raleigh – Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ, and The Lutheran Council.

A New Beginning

The Board invited one of its members, Reverend Michael Page, to apply for the position of executive director in 1996. He agreed to accept the position for one year. His leadership so impressed the Board, however, that the position was offered to him on a permanent basis. Reverend Michael Page became the fourteenth executive director. According to Reverend Clontz, former Chair of the Board, his leadership has been dynamic, characterized by strong linkages with students, community, and the NCCU administration. He is a former member of the Durham Public School Board, Durham County Commissioner, and pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Durham,NC. He has been able to use his time and energy to restructure the student organizations and create streams of funding through the annual See and Taste fund raiser. According to Mrs. Florine Roberson, Board Member, Reverend Page has also “increased funding from the various judicatories.” Reverend Page has expanded student involvement in the National Baptist Student Union, the Baptist State Convention, and the Spring and Fall Choir tours.

Our Service

The United Christian Campus Ministry of North Carolina Central University is the longest existing cooperative ministry in North Carolina. It has represented the collaboration of community, judicatories, and the university for forty years. Currently, it works with the Lutheran Campus Ministry, the Catholic Ministry and the Presbyterian Ministry. The United Christian Campus Ministry faces challenges of sustainable fund-raising. Though the support from church groups, judicatories, and the Campus Ministry Board has increased, funds for student conferences and creative programs remain a perennial concern. According to Reverend Michael Page, since September 11, 2001, the United Christian Campus Ministry has played a more functional role on campus by providing enhanced opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to openly seek spiritual guidance. The Campus Ministry will continue to represent a beacon of intellectual and spiritual light in the lives of all who are associated with North Carolina Central University.

Working to Serve Others

After twenty years of service, Dr. Michael D. Page stepped by as as executive director effective 2019. The board unanimously selected Dr. Page to serve as its advisor during its transition process. In June 2019, Rev. Adrian J. Bullock began his role as campus minister. Rev. Bullock is a graduate of North Carolina Central University, Campbell University Divinity School, and pastor of Beaver Dam Baptist Church in Clinton, North Carolina. With the work of Rev. Bullock, Dr. Page, UCCM Board of Directors, and the NCCU community the following achievements were made.

  • Student participation increased.

  • The first executive student council was created.

  • Social media sites were created and/or enhanced.

  • 300 NCCU, Durham Technical Community College students, and community members received supplies during the COVID pandemic.

  • In 2022 the United Christian Campus Ministry celebrated its 60th anniversary.
  • In 2023 on-campus worship services were established​


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